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If you have a free-standing wall, it's important to finish it with a wall cover to direct the water away from the wall so that the water doesn't penetrate the wall and form moisture or cracks in the masonry when the frost hits.
The Classic wall cover from Scandi-Roc is produced with a water nose in solid and weather-resistant dry-cast concrete and can be used on all types of free-standing masonry.

Classic wall coping

All CLASSIC covers are equipped with a water nose to avoid streaks on the brickwork. We recommend that the covers are installed with an overhang of min. 30 mm overhang. All CLASSIC covers are equipped with a water nose to avoid streaks on the brickwork. We recommend that the covers are installed with an overhang of min. 30 mm overhang. Available in 4 standard colours; Grey, Anthracite Black, Brick Red and Off-white.

We are always ready with competent advice to ensure that you get the product that best matches your needs, and we always recommend that you follow our installation instructions before starting your wall covering. 

End stone
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Technical specifications
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See technical specification
Technical specification

Straight wall covering

Due to the slim dimensions, the straight stone of the program is extremely light and manageable, regardless of which of the 3 sizes is used. The widths are adapted to the most commonly used brick joints.
Meassurements / cm. Color KG DB nr.
29x50 cm. Grey 12 kg 5745346
29x50 cm. Antracit Black 12 kg 5745345
29x50 cm. Brick Red/Off-White 12 kg 5745231
36x60 cm. Grey 20 kg 5745349
36x60 cm. Antracit Black 20 kg 5745348
36x60 cm. Teglrød/Off-White 20 kg 5745347
41x60 cm. Grey 25 kg 5745353
41x60 cm. Antracit Black 25 kg 5745352
41x60 cm. Brick Red/Off-White 25 kg 5745350
52x41,5* cm. Grey 18 kg 1670747
52x41,5* cm. Antracit Black 18 kg 1670748
52x41,5* cm. Brick Red/Off-White 18 kg 1670750

End stone

To provide the perfect gable finish in connection with a free-standing gable, Scandi-Roc offers a dewelded cover. The wall covering is provided with water nose across at the eaves.


Wall covering corner - 90°

Scandi-Roc manufactures precast corners to fit our wall coverings in 29, 36 and 41 cm. width. The corners are an elegant solution, avoiding a joint. At the same time, it means quick and easy installation.
Meassurements / cm. Color KG DB nr.
29x49 cm. Grey 16 kg 5745365
29x49 cm. Antracit Black 16 kg 5745364
29x49 cm. Brick Red/Off-White 16 kg 5745363
36x49 cm. Grey 21 kg 5745368
36x49 cm. Antracit Black 21 kg 5745367
36x49 cm. Brick Red/Off-White 21 kg 5745366
41x49 cm. Grey 28 kg 5745372
41x49 cm. Antracit Black 28 kg 5745371
41x49 cm. Brick Red/Off-White 28 kg 5745370

Pillar covers

Scandi-Roc's Classic program includes precast pillar covers with slopes on 4 sides and built-in water nozzles on all 4 sides. The 3 square formats are adapted to brick dressings. The pillar cover is functional and at the same time gives a nice finish.

Measurements at the edge = 3.5 cm - Measurements at the top = 7.5 cm
Meassurements / cm. Color KG DB nr.
36x36 cm. Grey 12 kg 5095176
36x36 cm. Antracit Black 12 kg 5095180
36x36 cm. Brick Red/Off-White 12 kg 5095183
42x42 cm. Grey 16 kg 5095177
42x42 cm. Antracit Black 16 kg 5095181
42x42 cm. Brick Red/Off-White 16 kg 5095184
53x53 cm. Grey 26 kg 5095178
53x53 cm. Antracit Black 26 kg 5095182
53x53 cm. Brick Red/Off-White 26 kg 5095185


Antracit Black
Brick red
Other series and designs


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