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Varia is a customised concrete wall coping with a 1-sided decline. This water-nosed design, produced in solid and weather-resistant dry-cast concrete, can be used on all types of free-standing masonry and is produced in the depth dimension of the customer's choice.

Varia wall coping

Varia Wall Coping is exclusively made-to-order production. We recommend that the copings are installed with an overhang of min. 30 mm. Available in 4 standard colours; Grey, Anthracite Black, Brick Red and Off-white.

We are always ready with competent advice to ensure you get the product that best matches your needs, and we always recommend that you follow our installation instructions before starting your wall covering.

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Technical specifications
See additional measurements, colors, and specifications
See technical specification
Technical specification

Wall copings with one side angel

Wall coping has a fixed length of 415 mm. In contrast, the depth variable to a max. depth of510 mm. This means that it is possible to order exactly the depth to match the masonry.

Delivery time is under normal circumstances 8-10 working days
Meassurements / cm. Color DB nr.
Up to 25 cm. depth Grey 5745375
Up to 25 cm. depth Antracit Black 5745374
Up to 25 cm. depth Brick Red/Off-White 5745373
From 26 to 51 cm. depth Grey 5745375
From 26 to 51 cm. depth Antracit Black 5745374
From 26 to 51 cm. depth Brick Red/Off-White 5745373
Anthracite Black
Brick red
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