VARIA » Scandi-Roc


Designed with a decrease on one side and provides a modern and stylish finish.
Technical specification

Wall copings with one side angel

Wall coping has a fixed length of 415 mm. In contrast, the depth variable to a max. depth of510 mm. This means that it is possible to order exactly the depth to match the masonry.

Delivery time is under normal circumstances 8-10 working days
Meassurements / cm. Color DB nr.
Up to 25 cm. depth Grey 5745375
Up to 25 cm. depth Antracit Black 5745374
Up to 25 cm. depth Brick Red/Off-White 5745373
From 26 to 51 cm. depth Grey 5745375
From 26 to 51 cm. depth Antracit Black 5745374
From 26 to 51 cm. depth Brick Red/Off-White 5745373


The stones are available in the following colours