Coping stones for skateparks


The stones are available in the following colours:

  • 01-off-white.jpg
    01: Off-White

  • 05-antracit-sort.jpg
    05: Antrazit Black

  • 07-graa.jpg
    07: Grey

Product display

The pictures below show examples of the tiles where you can see the structure and colors:

Coping stones for skateparks

In the US skateboarders stared skateboarding in empty swimming pools back in the 60s and 70s. Skateboard Parks is today still inspired by contemporary skateboard experiences and to design skateparks of which have the same broadcast as real pool.

Therefore, our cast concrete series in FLORIDA, a design from the 70, is ideal as a coping stones for todays skateparks. The aesthetic design and the unique concrete structure of these elements makes the edges causing minimal damage to skateboards in the performance of various grind tricks.

We have a wide range of both inner and outer radius coping stones that are perfect for this purpose.


Stone shapes

The stones are available in the following shapes:

Line drawing

Line drawing of the product

Florida Tegning2

Radius stones

Radius stones are available with the following radius sizes:

Konkav Radius

  • R-0,88 m.
  • R-1,00 m.
  • R-1,50 m.
  • R-1,75 m.
  • R-2,10 m.
  • R-2,30 m.
  • R-2,50 m.
  • R-3,00 m.
  • R-4,50 m.

Konveks radius

  • R-2,461
  • R-4,855
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