Modena wall coping


The stones are available in the following colours:

  • 16-mountain-grey.jpg
    16: Mountain Grey (Granit)

  • 17-mountain-black.jpg
    17: Mountain Black (Basalt)

Modena wall coping

Modena is one of the most exclusive wall coping on the marked. The series is carved out of natural stone and the design appears extremely light and elegant expression.  The surface is flamed and brushed, giving a unique visual experience. The edges are polished. Available as straight coping, end stone, corners and pillar coping

Stone shapes

The stones are available in the following shapes:

Line drawing

Line drawing of the product

ScreenHunter01 Feb. 13 11.51

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Wall Coping - Straight

Meassurements / cm.ColorKGDB nr.
29x100x3 cm. Mountain Grey 25 kg 1684588
29x100x3 cm. Mountain Black 25 kg 1684589
36x100x3 cm. Mountain Grey 30 kg 1684590
36x100x3 cm.
Mountain Black 30 kg 1684592
41x100x3 cm. Mountain Grey 35 kg 1684594
41x100x3 cm.
Mountain Black 35 kg 1684595


Wall Coping - End Stone  

Meassurements / cm.ColorKGDB nr.
29x100x3 cm. Mountain Grey 25 kg 1684598
29x100x3 cm. Mountain Black 25 kg 1684600
36x100x3 cm. Mountain Grey 30 kg 1684601
36x100x3 cm. Mountain Black 30 kg 1684602
41x100x3 cm. Mountain Grey 35 kg 1684603
41x100x3 cm. Mountain Black 35 kg 1684604


Wall Coping - Corner 90°

Meassurements / cm.ColorKGDB nr.
29x49x3 cm. Mountain Grey 20 kg 1684605
29x49x3 cm. Mountain Black 20 kg 1684606
36x49x3 cm. Mountain Grey 21 kg 1684607
36x49x3 cm. Mountain Black 21 kg 1684609
41x49x3 cm. Mountain Grey 22 kg 1684610
41x49x3 cm. Mountain Black 22 kg 1684611


Wall Coping - Pillar

Meassurements / cm.ColorKGDB nr.
36x36x3 cm. Mountain Grey 11 kg 1684613
36x36x3 cm. Mountain Black 11 kg 1684614
42x42x3 cm. Mountain Grey 16 kg 1684616
42x42x3 cm. Mountain Black 16 kg 1684617
53x53x3 cm. Mountain Grey 24 kg 1684618
53x53x3 cm. Mountain Black 24 kg 1684619
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