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MARANELLO Discontinued

pool coping 20mm
A cutting-edge, low-maintenance 20 mm ceramic coping stone with a classy look and a wide range of applications. A polished and rounded front provides a luxurious finish as well as a comfortable grip when holding onto the edge or lounging your legs in the pool. Complete the look with the Ceramica series' matching paving stones.

Maranello pool coping stone

Beautifully processed edge tile with polished and rounded front and polished and beveled at the back edge. To complete the pool area, there are associated paving stones in the same 3 colours.

The ceramic outdoor stones are frost-proof, acid-proof, chlorine-resistant and resistant to oil. This makes them extremely easy to maintain and can also be cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner.

When it comes to ceramic pool coping stones and paving slabs, it's important to understand the terms "NOMINAL SIZE" and "WORKING SIZE". These dimensions play a vital role in achieving the perfect result in your pool coping and paving slab installations. See a size overview in the NOMINAL SIZE >< WORKING SIZE link under relevant links further down the page. 

Pool coping
Straight 60x33x2 cm
Pool coping
See list with radius
Pool coping
Inside corner 90°
Pool coping
Outside corner 90°
Pool coping
Inside corner R27 cm
Pool coping
Inside corner R15 cm
Pool coping
Corner Roman Stair (L)
Pool coping
Corner Roman Stair (R)
matching paving slabs

Complete your pool and terrace environment with the matching paving slabs. The paving slabs are delivered in the same specially selected colors as the discontinued Maranello series paving stones.

Paving Slabs for the discontinued Maranello series.
Paving stone
60x60x2 cm
dusty black 32
Dusty Black
MARANELLO Discontinued
Radius stones
Radius stones can be supplied for the following rounding radii:
  • R-1,00 m.
  • R-1,25 m.
  • R-1,50 m.

Colours and delivery times

The range is available in the following colours. Please note that the delivery times are based on standard rectangular pools and Roman stairs and associated paving slabs. The overview is updated regularly and is subject to ongoing changes. View and download specific delivery times via the links below.

Dusty Grey
Dusty Black


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