Napoli coping stone


The stones are available in the following colours:

  • 20-Baltic-Light-Grey.jpg
    20: Baltic Light Grey (Granit)

  • diamond grey3
    19: Diamond Grey (Granit)

  • 16-mountain-grey.jpg
    16: Mountain Grey (Granit)

  • 17-mountain-black.jpg
    17: Mountain Black (Basalt)

  • Soft-Sand.jpg
    18: Soft Sand (Granit)

  • Kiruna Kashmir Cream2
    23: Kashmir Cream (Travertin)

  • Kiruan Golden Brown2
    24: Golden Brown (Travertin)

  • Shadow Grey9
    25: Shadow Grey (Travertin)

Product display

The pictures below show examples of the tiles where you can see the structure and colors:

Napoli coping stone

With Napoli coping stone we offer a natural stones with a nose over the top. The coping stones are cut out of a piece of 6 cm stone block. The nose, which dives into the pool, giving a beautifully finished pool. It comes like the other coping stones in a variety of straight stones, radius stones, corner stones. It is available in the four known natural stone colors familiar from KIRUNA.

Paving stones from the series Natura is also adapted to this type of coping.

Stone shapes

The stones are available in the following shapes:

Line drawing

Line drawing of the product

1027600 Draw3

Radius stones

Radius stones are available with the following radius sizes:

R-1,00 m.
R 1,25 m.
R-1,50 m.
R-1,75 m.
R-2,10 m.
R-2,50 m.
R-3,00 m.
R-3,50 m.

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